After reading the article, written by Richard Stockton, it had surely enhanced our determination in making our nature of business a success. 

We, The Tech Connectors believe that Malaysia is a key to the Southeast Asia market or even the Asian market. According to the article, there are a few great points which indicate the reasons why Malaysia is a great location for startups, firstly, Malaysia has favorable laws for all businesses. The government of Malaysia constantly encourages foreign direct investment, creativity and innovation in the region. Hence, it would be helpful for foreign businesses to enter the Malaysia market given the various incentive programs. 

Secondly, given its geographic location and logistics, Malaysia has convenient access to Singapore. However, Singapore does not have to be the sole destination for foreign startups focused on regional expansion. There is Indonesia, Thailand and the other ASEAN countries which have large populations. Therefore, due to the strategic location, ease of doing business and language, Malaysia, tends to be the best gateway for the Southeast Asia market.

Thirdly, the article mentions that Malaysia has a lot of skilled labour. However, to a Malaysian, this might not be entirely accurate, as there are about 80,000 semi-skilled Malaysians working in Singapore (The Edge Markets, 2020). Not to mention the high-skilled Malaysians. Therefore, foreign companies that choose Malaysia as a central hub for expansion, might find the undiscovered talent gems within the country and have a great outcome.

Last but not least, The Tech Connectors would like to play a pivotal role for expansion into the region starting from Malaysia. Hence, if there are any opportunities that you are looking for in Malaysia. Let us know! We can surely help you with your expansion plans to this region!

You can access the full article mentioned above at the link below: 6 Reasons Malaysia is a Great Location for Startups.

Written by
Kingsley Tan
Co-Founder of The Tech Connectors

Market Access to Malaysia through GKL Live Lab

Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL) Live Lab is a city concept of a strategic programme organized by InvestKL. GKL Live Lab turns various locations in KL into an open-innovation ecosystem. Under its ambitious objective, GKL Live Lab amplifies its competitive advantage in attracting foreign companies. It offers multiple benefits for foreign companies’ growth in the Malaysian market. 

GKL Live Lab is open to foreign companies that possess the mindsets of bringing their ideas to life. Being on a path of embarking on the innovation and creativity initiatives that drive innovation, accelerate digital adoption, grow local champions and nurture future-ready talents. 

GKL Live Lab is looking for foreign companies that desire to collaborate with local players in:

•Technology Solution Services

•Autonomous Vehicle & Mobility

•Pharma/Medical Testing & Clinical Trials

•R&D, Design & Development

•Deep & Emerging Technology

•Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) related projects

The open-innovation system established by GKL Live Lab allows foreign companies to leverage the region’s resources and opportunities. They provide extensive and advanced infrastructure such as connectivity, telecommunications and technologies to support foreign companies’ innovation development in Malaysia. Moreover, foreign companies can receive better regional market access that facilitates their regional growth in collaborating with local players in diverse industries.

GKL Live Lab also offers valuable funding for 9 different sectors in order to support foreign companies that can fulfill some basic regional growth requirements. Qualified foreign companies will receive funding for project development, salary support, talent development, ecosystem collaboration, and commercialization locally.

I believe GKL Live Lab possesses valuable potential and resources for most of the foreign investors. It is definitely a suitable environment for you to start an innovation development journey. Do you want to explore and know about it? Feel free to contact The Tech Connectors for further inquiries. 

Prepared by,

Tommy Lau

Business Development Team


This is an article from the Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, taken from The Small Business Encyclopedia.

It is very interesting to see that a business opportunity may not necessarily be unique or generated by yourself. However, it can be in the form of package franchises, product franchises and business opportunity ventures.

To me, the most important thing about a business, no matter if it is a business model or a business product, it should be innovative. The reason being is, there are so many businesses out there, various industries, various ideas, various products. But it is rare that you can get something unique. Unique as in that product or system is conducted solely by you only.

Therefore, in order to differentiate your product/ business with the other competitors, an innovative business model concept kicks in. I think most people would know Airbnb. The way they differentiate themselves with the other accommodation providers is the benchmark of what an innovative business model is. Their business model builds on the sharing economy and on the strong belief that house owners are willing to rent out free space to strangers and it has disrupted the accommodation industry.

Hence, as a conclusion, business opportunities should not be limited by the product itself. A successful entrepreneur should focus more on how to innovate their business model in order to increase the chances of being successful.

Do you agree about it? Let us know by leaving your message to us if you have a different opinion!

You can access the full article mentioned above at the link below:
How to Research a Business Opportunity

Written by,
Kingsley Tan
Co-founder of The Tech Connectors