Market Access to Malaysia through GKL Live Lab

Greater Kuala Lumpur (GKL) Live Lab is a city concept of a strategic programme organized by InvestKL. GKL Live Lab turns various locations in KL into an open-innovation ecosystem. Under its ambitious objective, GKL Live Lab amplifies its competitive advantage in attracting foreign companies. It offers multiple benefits for foreign companies’ growth in the Malaysian market. 

GKL Live Lab is open to foreign companies that possess the mindsets of bringing their ideas to life. Being on a path of embarking on the innovation and creativity initiatives that drive innovation, accelerate digital adoption, grow local champions and nurture future-ready talents. 

GKL Live Lab is looking for foreign companies that desire to collaborate with local players in:

•Technology Solution Services

•Autonomous Vehicle & Mobility

•Pharma/Medical Testing & Clinical Trials

•R&D, Design & Development

•Deep & Emerging Technology

•Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) related projects

The open-innovation system established by GKL Live Lab allows foreign companies to leverage the region’s resources and opportunities. They provide extensive and advanced infrastructure such as connectivity, telecommunications and technologies to support foreign companies’ innovation development in Malaysia. Moreover, foreign companies can receive better regional market access that facilitates their regional growth in collaborating with local players in diverse industries.

GKL Live Lab also offers valuable funding for 9 different sectors in order to support foreign companies that can fulfill some basic regional growth requirements. Qualified foreign companies will receive funding for project development, salary support, talent development, ecosystem collaboration, and commercialization locally.

I believe GKL Live Lab possesses valuable potential and resources for most of the foreign investors. It is definitely a suitable environment for you to start an innovation development journey. Do you want to explore and know about it? Feel free to contact The Tech Connectors for further inquiries. 

Prepared by,

Tommy Lau

Business Development Team

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