After reading the article, written by Richard Stockton, it had surely enhanced our determination in making our nature of business a success. 

We, The Tech Connectors believe that Malaysia is a key to the Southeast Asia market or even the Asian market. According to the article, there are a few great points which indicate the reasons why Malaysia is a great location for startups, firstly, Malaysia has favorable laws for all businesses. The government of Malaysia constantly encourages foreign direct investment, creativity and innovation in the region. Hence, it would be helpful for foreign businesses to enter the Malaysia market given the various incentive programs. 

Secondly, given its geographic location and logistics, Malaysia has convenient access to Singapore. However, Singapore does not have to be the sole destination for foreign startups focused on regional expansion. There is Indonesia, Thailand and the other ASEAN countries which have large populations. Therefore, due to the strategic location, ease of doing business and language, Malaysia, tends to be the best gateway for the Southeast Asia market.

Thirdly, the article mentions that Malaysia has a lot of skilled labour. However, to a Malaysian, this might not be entirely accurate, as there are about 80,000 semi-skilled Malaysians working in Singapore (The Edge Markets, 2020). Not to mention the high-skilled Malaysians. Therefore, foreign companies that choose Malaysia as a central hub for expansion, might find the undiscovered talent gems within the country and have a great outcome.

Last but not least, The Tech Connectors would like to play a pivotal role for expansion into the region starting from Malaysia. Hence, if there are any opportunities that you are looking for in Malaysia. Let us know! We can surely help you with your expansion plans to this region!

You can access the full article mentioned above at the link below: 6 Reasons Malaysia is a Great Location for Startups.

Written by
Kingsley Tan
Co-Founder of The Tech Connectors

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